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“In the new economy it is necessary to have accurate figures every day! So I use Dashboard to have this real-time information.”

Dashboard is convenience, simplicity and automation
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or goto “I am a business” is the digital platform for the accountant created on the experience of real people, and they will keep listening to what you have to say!

Real live situations, our solutions:

I can't manage my company because I don't know my sales figures... 😒 will instantly show you your figures from the moment you log on. No more "I wonder", from now on it'll be "I know".

I can't get a grip on my pending quotes and unpaid invoices... 😒

With, following up on your pending quotes and unpaid invoices will be a easy.
It will inform you about everything unnoticed so you never forget to follow up on that 10.000,- quote anymore.

I don't have time to change software!

You are running a business and we get that because, let's face it, so are we. Therefore we always put in every effort to make the transition to as easy as possible. We will always make sure every conversion and setting you asked for is done before start and we will make appointments when it best fits you (yes, even at midnight, we've done that before).
Did you know the first client we ever had started using in 5 minutes? It's true! So no worries, we got your back.

Why they choose ?

On any device

Contact Relation Management (CRM)

Keep track of every movement of all your contacts in one place.


Let your own representatives manage their own clients and sales.

Product management

All your products information at your fingertips at any time.

Stock management

Manage your stock for all your warehouses with ease.

Sell and buy

Quotes, sales and purchases: we offer you all channels to make a sale happen in one tool.

Integrated POS system

Retail? Wholesale? BOTH?! integrates our favorite POS system.


Integrated cashbook with the accountant

Daily receipts

Non changeable daily receipts accounting

Integrated with your favorite apps

Integrated with your webshop, accountant, UPS and so on...

Plugins for

Integrated with the leader of e-commerce

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Integrated with the Drupal e-commerce platform

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Integrated with the PrestaShop e-commerce platform

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All your invoices integrated in Exact Online, in real-time!

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Manage your stock for all your warehouses with ease.

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All your invoices integrated in Venice, in real-time!

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All your invoices integrated in Octopus!

Integrated with the leader of newsletters


Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Fully integrated

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